Why choose Red Dirt?

We know there are other choices in Oklahoma for girls competitive travel players. Here is why Red Dirt may be a better fit for you.

1. Best Girls Club In Tulsa

We only train and field girls teams which allows us to focus on the needs of the female player. Let’s face it, when there is a boys side and girls side, the boys side tends to be the focus. Clubs that cater to both genders will select tournaments for girls that also have boys lacrosse. Instead, we focus on the best tournaments for our players and try to attend several girls only tournaments.

We focus on tournaments in regions that are a better for our players. Realistically, most players don’t want to play on the east coast or west coast. So we do our best to attend tournaments in the Midwest, where we have found most graduating seniors want to go to school. This also helps keep travel costs down for parents.

Oh, and did we mention that we are oldest program in Tulsa for girls? This will be our eighth year so we know what we are doing. While players may try other teams for a summer, they tend to come back to us because we know what it takes to be success and we focus on creating a family atmosphere. Check with any of our current players and their parents to find out what our program culture is really like. Don’t take our word for it!

2. Best Girls Lacrosse Coaches In Oklahoma

We have the coaches that you want if girls lacrosse skills are what you want to develop. We don’t use boys coaches that have been repurposed to a girls team for the summer and we don’t bring on parent coaches that have minimal experience. All our head coaches are certified girls lacrosse coaches, with our two high school coaches having level three certification.

Check our our lead staff for the fall here: https://reddirtlacrosse.com/coaching-staff/

We have coaches from the Heartland spring programs that place the highest year after year in the state so you know they have the ability to advance player skill sets.

3. College Opportunities

Take a look at our history and see for yourself how many of our players have gone on to college lacrosse. https://reddirtlacrosse.com/commits We work hard to ensure every player that graduates from our program, has one or more viable scholarship offers. We have a recruiting coordinator on staff that has the network connects with college coaches and works hard to find schools that meet the needs of our players, both academically and from a lacrosse standpoint. Many of our players ultimately decide that college lacrosse is not for them, but the academic options we have uncovered are a better fit. Our goal is to open doors for players that they wouldn’t have found on their own so they can make the best choice for them and their college ambitions.

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