Program Overview


Red Dirt is an elite, girl’s only club program offered in Oklahoma. We aim to provide an educational experience in a competitive arena while developing lacrosse players to their full potential. We offer a Club Program where our efforts are focused on developing the elite lacrosse player and elite teams while offering the tools, opportunities, and resources for both to thrive. We are built on the principle of instructing the individual and the team from the ground up. Meaning all elements of the game will be addressed from fundamentals to team strategy, individual skill, as well as offensive and defensive concepts. We offer a varsity level and youth level travel team as well as local performance and lacrosse training in the summer for 3rd grade and up.


Consistency and organization is the name of our game. Teams remain together year to year to create chemistry and fully develop their play. Our top notch coaches will develop their teams and coaches are consistent from year to year. This gives them the opportunity to know their players, address their challenges and build on their strengths. Did we mention FUN? After all, lacrosse is the best sport on two feet! We strive for our players to have an awesome experience with us at Red Dirt.


Registration Fees for Summer 2022 season will vary based upon the options you select. We don’t have tryouts because we feel that if a player wants to learn, we don’t want to tell them they aren’t good enough. We also don’t believe that a player should have to pay for a tryout. If a player and their family likes our program, they will return. We don’t need to trick them into feeling like they have to prove they want to be here through a tryout.

Practice fees will be collected through our secure online system or may be paid by check. Payments can be made in full at registration or you may choose a payment plan.

Players may elect to signup for just the summer training if they choose not to attend the tournaments. Players may also elect to attend just the month of June or just the month of July when selecting a training option.

Registration Fees include the following expenses:

  • Practices twice a week
  • Saturday Field Practices when the club is in town
  • Field Rentals
  • Practice Equipment
  • Coaches’ Stipends
  • Administrative Costs
  • Recruiting Advice and Guidance (HS)
  • SportsRecruiting Account (HS)

Prices are based upon the options you select when registering.