Who We are

Red Dirt is a girls competitive team that is active primarily in the summer and fall. Coaches on this team are hand selected for their coaching skills. The level of competition in this club is very high and players are expected to be focused and dedicated.     

High School Team – Indian Prairie Tournament – July 2019

While Summer 2020 looks to be very different than previous summers, the coaching staff has worked hard to put together a great program so the girls can continue to improve and grow but in a safe environment.

We will not be traveling to any tournaments in the month of June this year. The decision on whether we feel that it is safe to travel in July will be made as the summer progresses.

The summer program this year will focus on developing basic athletic skills. Practices will be held twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Players will be spaced out and practice in small groups of 10-12 players. Sessions will begin with 45 minutes of professional performance training followed by 45 minutes of in depth lacrosse skills.